Gavin the Gull

Gavin the Gull is legendary for his wit and wisdom. Now you can enjoy his sayings and observations on t-shirts, hoodies, caps, stickers, water bottles, mouse pads, laptop skins, notebooks, home items and lots more, via Redbubble.

Gavin loves to say things like ‘When the chips are down, I pick them up…‘ or ‘Winging it…‘ or ‘Your ice cream looks nice…‘Your car looks clean…Gulls just wanna have fun! also, he believes himself to be a ‘Top Gull‘ not surprising as he is a bit of a maverick!

Food is his priority, as you would expect… but he does have other interests too… like how your car looks clean… this could be a compliment or a threat!

At the time of writing this post you can get free shipping when you spend £50 or over. You can also pay in instalments.

Also, via Redbubble I am able to offer pretty much worldwide delivery. Please check the list of countries delivered to before ordering. The items are usually printed in the country where the order is made or in the nearest location, so that helps with the carbon footprint.

I have been using for many years and the products I have ordered are great quality. Obviously I haven’t ordered every single one of them but I have used journals, t-shirts, stickers, and pillows so far and been very happy every time.

Please visit the links beneath the images to see the full collection of Gavin the Gull’s prints.

The Redbubble site lists all my Gavin the Gull and Norfolk gift items.

You can even pay in instalments, making gifts and treats for yourself so much more affordable.

All you need to do is click the links on this page to visit my Redbubble store.

Enjoy browsing and keep checking back for what’s new.

Gavin also thinks he is Master of the Harbour…

Visit his Master of the Harbour Collection at Redbubble to see many more items.

Master of the Harbour

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