Gavin the Gull Notebooks

Gavin the Gull has been my mascot and friend ever since I started my photography business. He is always popular with customers, so much so, I have sold many prints over the years featuring him. Gavin is cheeky, fearless and kind, his quips now feature on a new collection of notebooks so you can enjoy his witticisms as you get creative.

He likes to think of himself as ‘a gull with attitude.’

Gavin has a FB page @GavinGull so please drop in to see what he has been up to lately.

Otherwise you can sometimes catch him with @MyriadPhoto on Twitter and @MyriadLifePhotoArt at Instagram – this way you can see images and the latest notebooks available.

Or, if you aren’t into social media, please follow this blog for email updates.

Scroll down to buy Gavin’s notebooks, one of these days he might actually write his own book… now that could be interesting!