Norfolk Seal Gifts

I have been photographing seals for quite a few years now, through a long lens. No matter how far away I am, they seem to sense my presence and strike a pose!

They are full of character so I have given them names but of course these are wild creatures and need to be treated with respect so please don’t go running down the beach calling these names hoping they will respond haha! I joke but you never know… sadly some folk think it’s OK to approach them and it really is not.

I quite often see incidences in the press of seals being injured or upset by humans or dogs and it’s awful. I love photographing seals and want them to feel comfortable in their own environment and not threatened.

I hope you will enjoy this collection of cards, notebooks and prints featuring the wonderful seals of the Norfolk coast. They are to be treasured for sure.

Horsey Seal

Camille the Seal

Talk to the Flipper

Sleepy Seal