Notebooks for Authors

Being an Indie Author myself, I know the value of a good notebook. As a photographer and designer too, I set about designing a fun series of notebooks for you to use. With softback, tactile matte covers they feel as good as they look!

Of course there is always plenty of technology to use and I use it all the time to type out ideas and notes but if you are anything like me, nothing beats using a nice notebook, especially when those ideas come flooding through in the middle of the night… or if you get eye strain from staring at screens all day long.

The other thing is, the art of handwriting is gradually waning. I like to see my own handwriting (as messy and irregular as it is at times). There’s something comforting in it. I like to think that in the future, someone will enjoy picking up my notebooks and seeing my thought processes, odd ideas and general scribblings.

I will add to the collection from time to time so please keep checking back. The first series is a simple block colour theme with a famous author quote inside for each one. I hope they will inspire you to write your stories, poems or whatever it is you write. Scroll down to buy.

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