Notebooks for Writers

Every writer loves a good notebook … these are ones specially created for you by MyriadLifeBooks

There are lots of cover images to choose from, all by MyriadLifePhoto: atmospheric scenes in black and white, mysterious scenes, beach scenes, and nature. Whatever suits your genre, your humour, or whatever motivates you to write, you are sure to find an image to inspire.

Ideas can come at any time, these handy notebooks are a useful and attractive tool, to make sure those flashes of genius don’t escape you. Writing in a notebook is a great way to keep your thoughts close at hand, easy to refer to, and the perfect way to refer back when you need to.

Most come with an author’s quote at the beginning to inspire, or provoke thought.

Beautiful notebooks to collect and reflect.

160 narrow lined pages inside for extra productivity.

£8.99 or $11.18 plus postage (unless you are an Amazon Prime member).

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Available worldwide.

Colour my Cover Notebooks

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