Photo Gifts featuring images by MyriadLifePhoto

A collection of gift items from my gallery at Redbubble. This page is to give you a taster of what is available there. Simply click on the links to see more items printed with the images shown.

There are many more items available via the site including: mugs, posters, acrylic blocks, stickers and bags. Prints in a variety of formats are also available.

Redbubble provide great quality items. I have ordered some myself to check and they are lovely, even though I say so myself…

I get paid a percentage of the sale price which isn’t much, but every sale helps! It is easier than keeping stock when I don’t have the space to store it.

There is an option to pay in instalments too, which is great if you are looking for affordable gifts.

Although Redbubble is an Australian company, items for UK items are manufactured and shipped from the UK. So you don’t have to worry so much about that carbon footprint!

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Vintage Style Norfolk Beach Huts

Vintage style beach huts at Wells-next-the-sea throw pillow
Zipper pouch in a variety of sizes
Vintage beach huts wall clock
Vintage Beach Huts Tote Bag

The Watchful Owl

This Eagle Owl popped up behind a wall many years ago and I was very lucky to photograph him. Fast forward several years and an Eagle Owl lives along the River Wensum near my apartment. I haven’t managed to get a shot of him yet… but this print adorns my sitting room wall so maybe he will catch sight of it and land on my balcony. That’s my dream anyway…

Please visit the links to see more items with his image on.

iPhone Tough case – other phone cases are available
The Watchful Owl Throw Pillow
The Watchful Owl – Laptop Skin

Happisburgh Lighthouse Solar

Happisburgh Lighthouse iPad Snapcase

Stiffkey Marshes

Stiffkey Marshes Coasters

Stiffkey Marshes Laptop Sleeve

Stiffkey Marshes Tote Bag

Stiffkey Marshes Acrylic Picture Block

Boats at Blakeney

Blakeney Boats

Acrylic Picture Block

Tall mug

iPhone snap case (other brand phone cases also available).

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