Batshit Crazy

This week I made the decision to sell my car. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love driving but now I live in the city I simply can’t justify it anymore. The recent fuel crisis really brought it home that it was a no-brainer to get rid of it. Also, with all the climate change issues, I don’t need to be adding to our planet’s problems. I can easily hire a car if I need one or grab a taxi if my legs are aching from cycling or walking.

It has been a few days now, but so far so good. I wasn’t using the car much anyway. I already feel fitter and check out my new wet weather cycling gear in the video below!

I grew up in Cambridge so cycling is second nature to me. Norwich has gone a long way to improve the cycle paths so that helps, I can cycle almost anywhere barely having to hit the road.

Exercise certainly seems to help creatively, my mind already feels clearer. My current work in progress is another book of short stories. I’m hoping to publish in March 2022 so keep an eye out for updates. In fact, I’ve really plunged myself into it this week so this blog has been a little neglected. Not for long though because soon I will be featuring more authors. If you are an author (indie or otherwise) and would like to be interviewed here, please email me at I’m not quite as crazy as I appear in the video so don’t worry…

The other thing I had to make a big decision on this week was to buy a new pc. My old one has given up the ghost so I am typing this on my laptop. This has slowed down my progress designing notebooks, but I will be back in action with that early November when the new computer arrives. In the meantime there are plenty to choose from here on this site or head to Amazon, you can find them under MyriadLifePhotoArt, MyriadLifeBooks, GavintheGull. Go fire up your creativity, they are beautifully tactile. For UK only

It’s about time I did another giveaway too so please subscribe to be in with a chance of winning a notebook or a copy of The Isolation Sex Stories. Visit my writing site to find out more about them.

If you have any comments, questions etc, please do get in touch. Until next time… dance like no one’s watching 😉