Norfolk Kids Collection

At last, I have created a collection for the little ones who love to visit Norfolk or who reside here already.

Introducing some crabby tee-shirts alongside the legendary Gavin the Gull. This is a lighthearted collection designed to raise smiles and a giggle or two.

More designs will be added soon.

In addition to t-shirts and hoodies, you will find fun stickers, perfect for water bottles, lunch cases, etc.

All are available to purchase via Worldwide delivery and great quality products. Also, quantity discounts are available.

Selling via Redbubble enables me to concentrate on the photography and design while using experts to manufacture and deliver. I get paid a commission on each sale. So, please don’t be shy, every sale makes a big difference to this small company!

The items are printed in the country of purchase (or as near as possible).

Please visit the Norfolk Kids Collection page to see more!

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Top Gull!

Gavin the Gull thinks he is a Top Gull, but then he’s always been a bit of a maverick…

Gavin the Gull has always been a bit of a maverick and he believes himself to be a Top Gull. Let’s just say, he has a big ego! He is a positive gull, mainly he is positive about food…

Enjoy his wit and wisdom on notebooks, pet bandanas/blankets, pillows, tech accessories, bags and lots of other great gift items too. Give someone the gift of Gavin the Gull or go ahead and treat yourself, Gavin is the perfect way to raise a smile.

At the time of writing this post you can get free shipping when you spend £50 or over. You can also pay in instalments.

Also, via Redbubble I am able to offer pretty much worldwide delivery. Please check the list of countries delivered to before ordering. The items are usually printed in the country where the order is made or in the nearest location, so that helps with the carbon footprint.

I have been using for many years and the products I have ordered are great quality. Obviously I haven’t ordered every single one of them but I have used journals, t-shirts, stickers, and pillows so far and been very happy every time.


A wide variety of styles and colours to choose from, see examples below.

Scroll down further to see a collection of other items/colours/styles too. This is a small collection, you will find much more via the links above.

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Gavin the Gull has been at it again…

Gavin the Gull has a new design out today and this time he has an eye on your car. It could be a compliment, it could be a threat… I like to believe it’s the former!

There are 86+ products showing Gavin the Gull’s latest quip at Redbubble – choose from clothing, home decor, tech accessories, stationery and bags. Lots of great gift ideas or keep Gavin all to yourself!

Check out his other comments too, such as ‘When the chips are down, I pick them up…‘ ‘Winging it…‘ ‘Your ice cream looks nice…‘ Gavin always has an eye on food. Look out for more designs as they arrive.

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Fun for adults and kids. Gavin loves everyone.

Gavin the Gull – new prints at Redbubble

Gavin the Gull, new gifts at Redbubble

Every week I will keep you updated with my latest prints at Redbubble. In case you didn’t already know, Redbubble is a print on demand site and it enables me to create prints on a fabulous collection of quality items including t-shirts, caps, posters, stickers, home decor, cards, furnishings and tech accessories.

Perfect for original gift ideas or go ahead and treat yourself!

I have been using Redbubble for years and can vouch for the quality.

Gavin the Gull is a legendary seagull full of wit and wisdom. I originally created him as my company logo but of course, he demanded more fame than that, so now you can see his quips and comments on a whole variety of items at Redbubble.

Gavin the Gull  - Winging it...
Gavin the Gull floor pillow – Winging it…

Gavin must be the most popular seagull I know! I never expected people to love him so much but I am glad that they do. Seagulls have a bad reputation generally but they are also very intelligent, there is a lot more to them than meets the eye…

Seagull facts

Did you know that seagulls can live for around 20 years?

Seagulls are intelligent birds, they are always learning and once they have learnt something, they remember it.

Seagulls are very caring and attentive with their young.

Seagulls can recognise people by their faces, especially those who feed or interact with them. It really is better not to feed them though because they can attack because of it and they have specific nutritional needs. While Gavin may joke about your chips, they aren’t good for him.

Seagulls usually mate for life but divorce is also an option…

I will give more seagull facts next time I post a new Gavin the Gull design so look out for them.

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Gavin the Gull Winging it… mug