I need a rubber neck!

Writers, how is your neck health? Read on about my experiences, this may help!

Wouldn’t it be great to have a rubber spine? I often think that. With so many hours spent at my computer, I often have to attend to my neck muscles even though I am careful how I sit and I do pay attention to my posture. I’m sure it’s a common problem for writers.

My neck issues first started in my early teens. One day, at school, I found I couldn’t move my head from left to right, I was stuck looking to the left. I didn’t know why it was stuck but when I got home, my mum said “oh, you’ve got a crick in your neck.” She got out a heat lamp and I had to sit in front of it for 20 minutes at a time until my neck began to ease.

For many years after that I visited osteopaths and physios approximately once a year. Their treatment worked for several months at a time before I would start to experience neck problems again. I didn’t stick with the same osteopaths, I would switch according to where I lived. Someone recommended a sports physio and he tried acupuncture which was good. But then when my problems continued he suggested traction. Now, my mother had had traction over the years for her far more serious spinal problems and she swore by it so I didn’t hesitate to agree with him. After the first session I didn’t notice any difference and the pain continued. He did another session and the pain got worse. I told him and he gave a funny little grin and said I would need more sessions. I went along with it for a little while but as things got worse instead of better I headed to my GP who blew his top. He told me to squeeze his fingers so I did and he said “no, I said squeeze my fingers.” I tried but I had no strength. He sent me off with a flea in my ear to have an MRI . “Don’t you ever go to that physio again,” he said, “he didn’t give you so much as an x-ray to find out what the problem was!” My GP was furious.

The MRI showed a narrowing between vertebrae but thankfully nothing too serious. For a few years I was given really good NHS treatment but there came a point where all they could offer were exercises which were fine. They did help but I felt I needed more guidance so I decided to try yoga. I didn’t like going to classes so I did a search on YouTube and found a lady by the name of Adriene. I’ve never looked back, I really wish she had been around all those years ago when I was struggling. Thanks to Adriene I manage my neck issues perfectly. It has taken commitment and practise but since I found her, I’ve never needed to see a physio again.

So if you are a writer (or someone who spends a lot of time on a computer) and suffer with neck/shoulder issues, I can totally recommend Adriene. Just search for her on YouTube and you will find she focuses on specific parts of the body as well as doing more general workouts. I’m not on a commission for directing you to her, all I’m letting you know is that it worked for me. If you are worried about a spinal problem, it’s always best to check with your doctor first, please do that.

It’s always nice to be comfortable when you are writing!

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