Want a unique brand for your store or for selling online?

Photography led me into design. To me, image, colour, and a strong message are paramount when creating.

Customers need to be stopped in their tracks by something different that appeals instantly. Do different, is what we say here in Norfolk. As a photographer and designer, that is what I aim for.

Style and humour go hand in hand (or wing in wing when it comes to Gavin the Gull

To ensure you get a wide choice of products showing MyriadLifePhoto designs, all items are available via the print-on-demand site Redbubble/MyriadLifePhoto.

Redbubble has been my go-to site for quality items and great service for many years now.

Wherever possible, products are printed in the country from which the order originates.

The Redbubble collection includes: clothing, tech accessories, home decor, pet accessories, mugs (in varying styles), stickers, and regular canvas, acrylic, and wood prints, plus greeting cards.

Therefore, the choice is extensive. In fact, the choice is so extensive that I would never be able to stock so many products unless I had a warehouse, which I don’t.

Redbubble applies discounts depending on the quantity you buy.

At the time of writing this, I believe there is a 20% discount if you download the Redbubble app. If you spend £50 or more, you get free shipping. Please check the above discounts at the time of purchase as they are subject to change.

If you have any questions or special design requirements, please email myriadlifebooks@gmail.com for further details

The top images are a snapshot of the items available, there are many more items and designs via Redbubble/MyriadLifephoto I am always interested to discuss collaborations so please get in touch via myriadlifebooks@gmail.com Follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook