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If you love notebooks, books and reading, this is the place for you!

Here you will find a collection of books, posts and articles that I hope you will enjoy and find useful.

This isn’t purely a site for notebooks although they will feature heavily. If you are a reader, this is also a site for you to discover new authors, read interviews and reviews and enjoy new books.

If you are an author, you will find discoveries I have made and continue to make as I find my way as an Indie Author. You will be able to pick up tips on marketing and social media and soon you will be able to buy ‘off the peg’ cover designs for eBooks.

I am a photographer, a writer and a designer. The notebooks all feature covers designed by me.

The idea is to provide beautiful and fun notebooks for you to write your notes and stories in and to bring readers and authors together.

You can find out more about my own writing at PetraKidd.com.

I am always looking for authors who would like to promote their books here so please get in touch via myriadlifebooks@gmail.com for further details.

Please keep checking back as the collection will continue to grow. There will also be regular blog posts so keep looking out for them.

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